Ask yourself, are you playing and composing better this year than you than you did last year? 

 Join the JSJW community and you'll be improving your musicianship each and every year.

Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop is a tuition- based program for adult jazz students. Small groups are formed with musicians of similar experience and meet twice a month for two hours each. Each session is $110 and JSJW covers the cost of the studio, prepares the music, forms the groups, and coaches the sessions. YOU JUST SHOW UP AND PLAY IN YOUR REGULAR BAND! Students pay for two sessions at the beginning of each month and have no obligation to continue. 

Come find yourself a place at the Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop.

  Sco's - NYC Student Ensemble - 

Jeff , Quintin Zoto, Cristóbal Gómez, John Scofield, Sebastian Acosta, Ken Ychicawa, Mack Walters

How To Learn More. 

Contact us to talk about your personal story, where you are at in your musical life, and your goals and dreams. From there, we can begin creating a plan for your musical future with vision, wisdom and most importantly, a definite plan of action.

Call or email us to schedule your slot in a band