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  • ***** Jeff is a great player and has the ability to share the things that he has learned from decades of playing jazz at a high level. I have made consistent progress since I began working with him. He is responsive to my goals and helps me find new ones and multiple paths to achieve them. He is easy to work with and a true professional. He has my recommendation. Tim S - Jazz Guitar

  • UPDATE on Tim S, (after nine months of working on his musicianship consistently with me at the Workshop)

Tim shares:

"Hey guys, I was just playing Christmas songs with the iReal app. It was a revelation. I can just put a song on and play along without sheet music. I can play the melody and improvise. I can play the chords in a fun and musical way without a lot of effort. I was never able to do that before. Playing along with you guys is changing my experience of music into what I always wished it was. Thank you all for that.

I cant wait to see how these songs will sound next year!

I will be playing Christmas songs for the next few days so I will apologize in advance for not practicing what I am supposed to.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays."

  • ***** "If you want to advance your jazz playing, both as an individual and in a group setting, this is the place. Jeff has the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead you to the next level. He’s provided me with invaluable tools to improve my skills at home, as well as when we’re at the workshop. He’s also a really great guy!" Ron K - Jazz Saxophone

  • ***** As an Australian lover of Jazz music, I recently spent time in USA and upon recommendation I attended a Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop session with Jeff. This was an experience that has furthered my interest and motivated me to approach Jeff and seek further tuition online between visiting the US. Jeff has an effective approach that boosted my confidence and my ability as a student musician from the initial session. I highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to explore their music interest and reveal their musical potential. Tanya H- Bass - Toowoomba, Australia

  • ***** Highly Recommended. I'm an Air Force veteran and sought out consulting services from Jeff at Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop because he too is a veteran. He provided me with some excellent strategies to optimize GI Bill benefits and save me roughly $30,000 in tuition cost. He's quick to respond and knows the inner workings of the business better than anyone. I highly recommend his services. Matt H- Jazz Guitar/ Veteran

  • **** I highly recommend Jeff. He gave me some really sound advice, with some good starting points to jump off of. Reference books and exercises to help me expand my musical thoughts. Great guy to talk to and learn from. Angela L- Composer / Orchestrator

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