• I can’t make all the classes but want to play in a group. Can I come in once a month or just drop in?

If you are looking for an occasional lesson or a “drop-in ” playing opportunity; respectfully, this is not for you. If you are looking to make lasting improvements in your playing, the only time-proven method is by scheduling regular playing opportunities. You are matched with a seasoned professional musician as a mentor to guide your improvement from your current abilities to your future goals.

    • I already take private lessons. What do you offer that is so different than what I am doing now with my regular teacher, who I love.

I never advise students to leave their private instructor. The Jersey Shore Jazz Workshop is supplemental to what a private teacher provides. At JSJW, I provide real-life playing experience which will inspire and inform students how to function in a small jazz combo. Private lessons are to get you prepared to play in a band. The JSJW gives you real-life band experience. If you don't have a teacher and require a bit more guidance, private coaching is available from me on a select basis.

    • How long do I need to sign up for? How long is a semester?

At the JSJW, your playing experience continues going all year-round. Ensembles don’t break up after only three months. You remain with the same ensemble and continue your development the way it is meant to be. My greatest artistic growth during my journey as a musician was when I was playing 20 years full-time with one band. You will learn and develop the same way master-musicians have done for years, by playing in a regularly scheduled ensemble. Students pay monthly and there is no semester long commitment or contract. You stay as long as you feel you are learning.

    • May I just attend the international workshops?

International workshop slots are first made available to musicians participating in the JSJW. Any remaining slots are then offered to JSJW alums, collaborating musicians, and jazzwire.com members.